The Native American Guardian's Association Ethos and Oath

I am a Native American Guardian.
I serve the Citizens of the
United States and its Native American Nations.
As Native American Culture is Under Attack
I vow to Protect it, to Defend it and to Save it.
I am Their Cultural Shield, Their Brave, Their Redskin Warrior.

I will engage in my Mission with Respect and Dignity;
I will Systematically Educate with Passion not Petulance.
I will Engage the Hostile with Facts and Truth.
I will Support the Opposition when they are Correct and help Alter some
Icons or Symbols through Modification and Education NOT Eradication.

I will seek to Know both sides of Every issue, Speak only Truth
and Debate with Integrity as Dictated in the Bylaws of
Gayanashagowa or "The Great Law of Peace."

I will work within the NAGA Core Values.
I am a Native American Guardian.