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February 4, 2019
Native American Group to Utah School: Keep 'Redmen' Mascot
"A national Native American organization is urging a southern Utah high school to keep the "Redmen" mascot rather than change it over concerns about it being offensive."
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February 3, 2019
Native American Guardians Association makes plea to Cedar City High to keep 'Redmen'
"Members of the Native American Guardians Association, a nonprofit organization based in North Dakota, led a discussion on the topic at Cedar High. The group's stated aim is to "educate, not eradicate" on Native American imagery, symbols, icons and names among schools and organizations across the country."
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February 2, 2019
Meeting in Cedar City for Conversation on Controversial Possible High School Name Change
"The Native American Guardians Association often travels across the country doing presentations for schools considering similar name changes."
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Washington Redskins name change: A View from Real Native Americans
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Tony Ryan Henson and Eunice Davidson Interview with WLW's Bill Cunningham - 5/18/2018

Charlene Teters and her allies in the "Not Your Mascot Decolonization" movement decry Native culture at sporting venues, yet here she proudly attends and voices her support for a pow wow event held in a basketball gymnasium at Penn State in 2016.