Key Players in the Movement

Three of the main players in this extreme leftist movement are Susan Harjo, who in 1992 brought a trademark case against the Washington Redskins, Ray Halbritter, a wealthy Indian casino owner who is bankrolling the movement, and Amanda Blackhorse, a young activist at the time who Susan Harjo recruited to fit the earlier court ruling concerning age requirements. In 2013 Susan Harjo stated, “I will decide what Indian qualifies to have a voice on this issue.” In 2015 Harjo stated in an editorial in the pages of ​Indian Country Today,​ that decolonization “must occur.” The National Congress of American Indians(NCAI), which at one time supported the names and imagery, has been infiltrated by members of this destructive movement, joining AIM and NCARSM as the big 3 activist organizations. In 2015, NCAI drafted a resolution stating that tribal nations and decolonization are inextricably linked and that “one cannot be truly achieved without the other.”

Much of the assault on Native imagery and names, with an emphasis on Redskins, can be traced during the years of the Obama administration. Led by Native American casino “boss” Ray Halbritter, the activist movement set out to rid non-natives of any Native name as part of the organized and $17B Adidas Corporate-backed name change movement. This is a national movement and nothing in it is happening by chance. It’s MONEY, POLITICS, and GET OUT THE VOTE with claims of RACISM that is the fuel on this cultural fire. It will make us unnecessarily divide and degrade as a nation which should be color blind and connected- not divided and artificially shamed. Click on this link to read the entire timeline of corruption.