Educate: NOT Eradicate

Native American Guardian's Association

As Native American facts, images and names are being hidden from view and removed from history indiscriminately, we will fight to preserve and perpetuate Native American culture and to advance understanding by promoting the cultural value and societal contributions of Native American icons, names and imagery with dignity and respect.

NAGA opposes Indian "mascots" in the stereotypical sense of a "sideline cheerleader." We encourage teams with an overtly "cartoonish" logo or anything that could easily be construed as disrespectful to portray their symbolism in a dignified and regionally appropriate manner, with a focus on education as to local indigenous history.


In response to the grievous injustice perpetrated by the NCAA Executive Committee with their infamous "hostile and abusive" policy directed solely against Native Americans, NAGA is in preparation to file a lawsuit against them to drop this policy. The Universities of Illinois and North Dakota have been particularly devastated by this policy, and an alliance between the fan base of each has been established. NAGA has assembled a legal team who has done the initial research and a framework for the lawsuit is in place. We believe that tremendous precedent has been established for Indian people to have standing to bring this lawsuit and ultimately win in court based upon violation of federal civil rights statutes along with precedent set at the Supreme Court level in the landmark 2017 "Slants" unanimous ruling which holds that claims of offense do not override First Amendment protections given in the Bill of Rights.

As such we appeal to the alumni and fans of the Fighting Illini and Fighting Sioux to help us fund this lawsuit. We are asking everyone to help us initiate this campaign by purchasing our "Sioux the NCAA" tshirt with all net proceeds going to this cause. We will soon be adding more merchandise which will additionally fund this campaign. Please also consider making a generous donation. Join the revolution to bring back the Native identities to both the Universities of Illinois and North Dakota!

NAGA "Sioux the NCAA" T-Shirt
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NAGA Mission Statement

Our mission is to Preserve and Honor Native American Indian Pride and Dignity; to Give Voice to those Millions who Have been Censored. To Address the Many Real Problems and Issues on Reservations and Throughout America. To Aggressively Network with Native American and U.S. Historians to Educate, Enlighten, Support and Honor those With an Interest or Investment in Reviving the Declining Cultural Value of Native Americans and their Cherished National Contributions. We will Accomplish our Mission by Maintaining and Propagating High-Impact Names, Icons and Images in the Media as well as among Educational, Internet, Community and Sports Leaders. We Will Engage Those Who Would Actively Impugn, Degrade or Remove These Valuable American Keepsakes from the Public’s View.

Education and Schools

This is a performance done to show support in bringing back the origins of the Fighting Illini at the University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana.

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